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Art is my true passion. It is my personal therapy, helping me release my innermost feelings.

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I struggled with a cleft palate at birth, and had speech difficulties growing up. Art has been a way for me to express emotion and create something unique that people can appreciate.

I have been working independently to develop my own technique for over 20 years. I prefer working with acrylic and ceramic paints, oil, pastels and fine ink pens. My art is processed in multi-medium formats including canvas, greeting cards, wood and magnets.

I have been sponsored by RISE Ottawa, a program that provides small business support to entrepreneurs living with mental illness. This program has helped me to manage my mental illness. Instead of my challenges holding me back, RISE has helped me to see how I can share my art with others. Mental illness has not been a liability for me, it has been a window of opportunity.

Please feel free to browse the website and view works for sale, or contact me for further details.


"I commissioned a work of art from Kathy Burhoe knowing it would be entirely original and would display her unusual ability to transform pattern into pictures.  I have been the fortunate recipient of her illustrated tiles and cards for a few years. Her talent for harmony in illustration cannot be denied.  Giving her only the colours I preferred and the size of the canvas, I left it to her to create what she considered appropriate. I was delighted that she chose a romantic vision of New Orleans, a place that her family and mine have loved. The work is unique, a most important quality in an artist, and there is a harmony in her patterns that is soothing. I highly recommend her."-Jennifer Wilson, Ottawa, ON.

"I would like to thank-you for the wonderful painting! When I asked you to create a picture of all my favourite things, I didn't know what you would come up with to paint. Miraculously you brought the energy and feelings I expressed to canvas. I am beyond thrilled and extremely happy with my painting. I have hung it in a special place, so I see it when I wake up and when I go to bed. It brings me a sense of joy, comfort and peace every time I look at it. You are very talented and gifted. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to have a personalized custom painting commissioned. Thank-you so much Kathy! With sincere appreciation and gratitude."Cammie Ritchie, Ottawa ON.

Murals and Commissions

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I am always happy to consider commissioned work, in any medium, including murals. Please contact me using the contact form below, provide as many details as possible, and I'll be happy to get back to you.

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